Helping children learn...
one robot at a time.

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Children love robots.

Experimenting with robots is fun and educational.

Children enjoy designing and building robots, and bringing them to life through programming. Robotic building systems allow children to create amazing things, and make science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) fun for everyone!

Robots can solve problems and make life easier.

When learning with robots, children improve criticial thinking and problem solving skills. They discover that robots can sense the world around them, make decisions, and perform complex and mundane tasks! Yay for robots!

Learning about robotics helps to build job skills.

In addition to learning valuable STEM concepts, children experimenting with robots at school learn to work together to solve problems and create new things. Teamwork is an essential skill they will need when finding a good job, and building robots gets everyone working together!

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Teachers love robots.

Robots help to engage and motivate students.

Robotics curriculum with age-appropriate, hands-on activities make teaching STEM a breeze. Students look forward to new challenge whenever robots are involved! One less worry for today's teacher!

Robots are useful in teaching abstract concepts.

Teachers face a variety of challenges teaching abstract concepts, especially in the primary grades. Robotics technology helps teachers explain simple and advanced concepts in a way that all children can understand!

Teachers benefit from quality instructional resources.

To be successful teaching robotics, today's teachers need easy-to-implement products and curriculum, with a small learning curve for teachers and proven results for students. Robots need to be both kid-friendly and teacher-friendly!

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Communities love robots.

Robotics and STEM strengthen communities.

Robotics education and a focus on STEM help foster innovation, improve manufacturing, advance health care, and protect our resources and security. Communities with STEM-educated workers are vital to healthy economies.

Robotics education improves worker quality.

Jobs and challenges of the future depend on working collaboratively to solve problems. Designing and building robots gives children opportunity to work together to solve problems and make collaborative, well-reasoned decisions.

Robotics experience creates future leaders.

Many schools showcase their best and brightest students through robotics competitions. Representing their schools and communities, these proud, talented children start on the journey to lead their communities into the future!

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